Teachers Inspirations Influences

All Over the World the Sun is Rising

Into the Ascent now
three weeks I sat in sadness
seven weeks of recovery —
we’re into the Ascent
I’m marking it by honoring
my teachers inspirations and

Later I was remembering Jakob J

asking him How are you?

When he said sur-vi-ving

it was ascendant

He fled Berlin just before the War

a victory for sure

But we were standing on the third floor

so many years after Jakob J

in the United States of America

When the curtain parted

I ascended to the top of the chariot of Ezekiel

It was covered with the dew of light

from there I saw everything

I saw us all into the future

a long queue of hungry souls

praying for some good

A pledge to repair

something fine here

something better left behind

Jakob J taught me to say amen when I agree

and when I promise –

I swear.

jsg, usa