Lonely G*d


Listen up —
G*d is one
G*d alone
G*d the one and only
G*d integrated and unified
the seamless embrace of Existence
O holy G*d I think I understand —

I’m trying to know it.
Eid – be a witness
I climb up that large ayin
slide down the big dalet
a witness to the seamlessness –
or turn it around in dyslexia
plow the language like a palindrome
Da’ – know!

I climb up the Hebrew running right to left
jump it back left to right
all directions fold into the ascent of the letters
into knowing
Da’ – know
Adonai Eloheinu
Adonai Echad.

G*d is one
G*d alone
only G*d
lonely G*d.

Seven weeks of Consolation
I need it because I am recovering from the sadness
in the three weeks
three weeks I sat in sadness
seven weeks I am taking to recover.

G*d recovering too —
everything is going to start getting better now.
Every single thing.
Slowly slowly
we are into the ascent.

Tell G*d in your prayers to lose that loneliness
we are witnessing
at least along for the ride
trying to know something
when knowing is not

O holy G*d –

we are trying to do something
after all.

jsg, usa

O hoiy Shabbes inspiration Vaetchanan
Maqam Hoseini

D [1/2] E flat [1] F [1] G

A maqam is a musical figure.
Each Shabbat is associated with a particular maqam.