I encounter the thing most when I am leaving it.

O holy Shabbes BeMidbar

Midbar means Wilderness
from the root — word or thing

The place of the word
or of no words
the place of the single word
the place of speaking
well placed
the word that works.

The matter, the thing
economy of words
heat of the matter
this is where it happened
the combustible puff of self
inscrutable chemistry of the desert sun
that is why we return there.

BeMidbar, in the Wilderness.
the language of truth
this is the thing [see Numbers 30:2].
Davar — the pure articulation
Midbar – the place
speaking from essence source
to essence source.

We are unfolding the essentials
encountering the midbar most deeply
as we are leaving it.

Isn’t that good storytelling —
not telling the full story until the end?

Before leaving
I watch my feet
Attentive to the next step –

The next step only.

Maqam Rast
Every Shabbat is associated with a musical figure
a maqam
Hebrew cognate maqom
signifying Place

C [1] D [3/4] E half-flat [1 1/4] F