Life Daily

Counting counting
today is day __ of the Omer

From the second day of Passover
to the
fiftieth day –

Z’man transformation

the time of our transformation.

Levi Yitzchak asked me:
When does freedom begin?
We search our stories.

During the Omer period
we are preparing ourselves for the wedding
for the durable wisdom
the gift of a guidebook.

A barley offering –
nothing too lowly
too inflexible that cannot be moved
lifted and transformed —

Nothing too lowly that
cannot be moved towards G*d
by G*d.

Today I am a vessel
a working out of potencies
Elementals –

In particular
I am a daily ______
within a week of ______

Work me, O holy G*d
You have my atten-

jsg, usa