My Neshamah Hurts

On the holy Neshamah
the Jewish concept of soul

I broke my neshamah one night
it fell out of my nostrils
and broke on the floor
humorless moment
— I had forgotten
my purpose.

I was
adrft in a rudderless boat
on a dangerous sea.
At Schnucks
aisle 4
AM 2:30
hidden among the hibiscus tea —

A reminder in memory
of my predecessors
the five petalled rose
on which I stand.

— Inspirations, influences
they accompany me at every one
of my prayers and gigs –

I was recalled home.

Known to me but long forgotten
the four
make that five
levels of soul
nefesh life force
ruach spirit
neshamah God breathed into me
chayah life

the elusive yechidah onli-est One

I mattered
in four
make that five
[at least]

measures of dignity.

jsg, usa