Small Alef poetry

Small Alef Poetry

When You call me
speak louder than you did with Moses
I may not hear the diminished alef*

the sound of affection
You used with him.

I am listening with everything I have
I am listening for the right word
the true story.

Let the pure come and occupy themselves
with the pure —

so said the wondrous Rav Assi [Lev.R.7:3]
3rd – 4th century
student of Rav Shmuel in Nehardea (al-Anbar)
companion of Rav Ammi
what they talked about —

And G*d called to Moses
And G*d spoke to him
From the tent of meeting
Saying —

*The Alef is the vav and two yuds
human-being-li-ness and G*d-li-ness
the Alef suspended between
the foundational lower world
and the reach to the upper world
hand above
underneath everlasting arm
connected by the sitting

We are connected
above and below
the Alef is diagrammatic — the human being
planted in the lower world
reaching for the upper world.

jsg, usa