They saw the God of Israel
they had a vision of God
in their chests
then they ate and drank.

If we feel God everywhere
in our chests
on the mountain top
God in the Torah
God in the kitchen
God waiting for the bus —

God everywhere
why not


Maqam Saba
D E half-flat F G flat

The Arabic word Sabi means baby boy,
Maqam Saba is used for the Brit Milah (circumcision).
Saba — parashiot that contain either births, covenants (brit),
a variety of laws, the mention or reference to an army (Saba),
or the actual word Saba.

A maqam is a musical figure.
Each Shabbat is associated with a particular maqam in Arabic,
cognate to the Hebrew Maqom, signifying place.

The Philosopher Avicenna (d. 1037)
Identified 12 principal modes
Or maqamat
Singular maqam
From “place” (Arabic) Hebrew cognate Maqom.

Ethical and cosmological implications
Signs of zodiac
Times of day and night
Poetic meter
Healings and treatments,

Each week a musical figure —
a mood