I Invented Crooning

I Invented Crooning

It was the early days of radio
The vacuum tubes in the old crystal sets
Did not pick up the higher registers well
I went to the radio station
And brought the tunes to a lower register
And let the notes ring through in deeper tones

Microphones and the limitations of early radio
This is how crooning began
[it dominated popular singing]
Not only in the United
But overseas
In the former Soviet Union
For example
I was more popular there than here

I made my living as a crooner
On the great lakes
Lake Erie
The boats out of Ashtabula

I sang for the gangsters
And worked simple card scams
Taught me by Mr. Lansky

We were paid in part by the excursion company
To entertain the guests and all
But we made most of our money
You know — Hustling

We all left in a hurry
Mr. Lansky went east
I went west

I settled in St. Louis
Where I was hired as a crooner
On one of the riverboats

I worked it same as I did
On Lake Erie

I sang on that boat ‘til they retired it
I sing for parties now
Here and there in restaurants
I often forget lyrics
I make them up

The melodies
I never forget

I live alone so I am
All the time

It’s a calling I suppose
Not like a

The older I get
The more I am singing

It’s something I am
A crooner