Commit: part 2

O holy Shabbes Inspiration Vayishlach
Maqam Saba,

Al Tira Avdi Yakov we sing on Saturday night
do not be afraid my servant Jacob
what has Jacob to be afraid of?
Himself transformed.
Himself untransformed.

Later when Esau and Jacob meet again
(I overheard Rashi the poet quoting Rav Shimon)
Esau’s compassion was lifted in a moment
and he kisses Jacob with all his heart [Genesis 33:4]

Mr. Sometimes Jacob Sometimes Israel:
I meet my brother on the road
Can we reconcile?
How will he receive me?
He is strong, I will send him gifts.
I will protect myself with strategy.
Do I hug him
do I slug him?
Do I kiss him
do I hit him?
We meet
the moment erupts in love.

Mr. Esau:
I run to him
I kiss him
hug him,
over my head
a ribbon of light.
I weep.
Any moment now
might erupt —
the memory that heals.
Holding his foot
as we chuted toward the light,
when we hug
I remember.
And again
over my head exploding
a ribbon of dots
a ribbon of light.

jsg, usa