Commit: And He Left, pt. 2


Jacob leaving Beer Sheva —
Be a big person
Try to be the kind of person that leaves a mark behind you when you leave
try to be the kind of person that has a direction.

Go toward it.

Va-yetzei Yaakov me B’er Shava va-yei-leckh Haran-ah
And Jacob left from Beer Sheva and went toward Haran.
[in trope] — Gen. 28:10

Then he had a dream
first a direction
then a dream —

And he had a dream, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and top of it reached to heaven, and behold the angels of G*d ascending and descending on it. And behold, G*d stood beside him, and said:

I am Ad*nai, the G*d of Abraham your father
and the G*d of Isaac.
[Gen. 28:12-13]

Abraham your father?
Isn’t Isaac’s Jacob’s father?

Did you know your grandfather?
There is a grandfatherliness
like a spiritual parenting
you might separate from your father
like Jacob separated from his father
become like your grandfather
your grandfather who separated from
his father
your father who separated from your grandfather —
you may be your grandfather’s child
after all.

And he went to sleep
and he was awakened
by what he didn’t know —

And Jacob awakened out of his sleep and said,
Surely there is G*d
in this place and
lo yadati.
[Gen. 28:16]

Surely G*d is in this place and I —
I didn’t know
my I
didn’t know
there was no I
so much G*d
no I
more G*d less I

surely there is G*d in this place and I
–I don’t know a darn thing.


Now I can learn the world
even G*d
maybe Nature
on its own terms

the world can break in on me
without interference —

the beginning of wisdom.

O holy Shabbes Inspiration Va-Yetzei
Maqam Ajam

Maqam Ajam begins with a Ajam trichord on the first note and another Ajam trichord on the 5th note (the dominant), so for example: On B flat

B flat C D E flat F G A B flat

Every Shabbat is associated with a musical figure called a *maqam,
Arabic cognate to Hebrew maqom, Place.