The Commit

The Life of Sarah

Begin the study of the life of Sarah [Genesis 23: 1-2]
with the death of Sarah
she seems alone
Abraham traveling to an unfamiliar place
to negotiate for her burial plot. [23:4]

I returned to the young men
I dwelt at Beer Sheva [22:19]
there are consequences for my behavior
I know this.

I am crying for her [Genesis 23:2]
here at Kiryat Arba
Children of Het —
I will give you everything you ask for —
I want this land.

This land this land
everyone wants
this land.

What remains unfinished in the living
Abraham is working out in the dying
I will give you everything you ask for
name your price

it’s not about the land.

What happened to our family. . .
Sarah wonders
not a duplication of strategies
independent responses to difficult problems,

so much patch-up to do
no hope of resolution without a unified strategy.
Abraham comes alone to deal for the grave
bury his wife and cry for her.

A river of tears will be spilled over this land
but here
it’s not about land —

this family
something unresolved

Though Isaac and Ishmael
come together once more
to bury their father Abraham, [25:9]

And Rebecca is born
before Sarah dies [22:23]
Rebecca is the healing from the next generation
God provides the refuah
the healing
before the sickness
the healing will come from the future.

Days will come to Abraham
Abraham is granted a vision of the All [Gen.24:1]
and long into the future
the generations of Abraham Sarah and Rebecca
will draw a line in the sand and say

this stops here.

jsg, usa

O holy Shabbes Inspiration Chayei Sarah [the life of Sarah]

Maqam Hijaz D E-flat F# G

Each Shabbat is associated with a maqam
A musical figure
Maqam signifying place
Arabic cognate to Hebrew maqom.