5 Exercises That Resolve in Hope

Five Exercises that Resolve In Hope

Through this series, we had been discussing the challenge of fear.
On the third night, we gave ourselves to some sort of resolution through hope through a series of exercises in small groups:
5 Exercises that Resolve in Hope.

This is what I created out of the group mind.

james stone goodman

How We Respond A Proem*
*Poem – Prayer

Challenges: natural and human
Responses: prayer and good deeds
How much response>

Assurances – no
Free will – we are choosing How

We begin in sorrow
The familiar journey
This is What We Share

We end in Trust
When ——— Eventually.

Look at me
I survived
Go forward.

The trap: remains difficult
It won’t always be
This way

Hope Fear

This is our daily

Response quiet and calm
Space for —— Fear
Space for —— Processing
The Work

Inner Core-ism
Consider and stop
Too silent – you cannot help me.

We are older
Here are our fears
Attending age
Fear of change
Here is our faith
In our hands
Wonder — smaller smaller
I am young
My fears are difficult
The war of fears
I am too unknown to be afraid
Too unthinking

Forward forward
Give me an opportunity
Potential and possibility
Enough education

Hope delayed is heartache
Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life
[Proverbs 13:12]
I am over-coming
Entertaining hope
Recognize fear oh Browning
Fear is fear of LIVING

Face your fears
No illusions
I am here with you
If your worry – you die
Don’t worry – you still die

We live in the dash
In the ellipses
Have a child
Plant a tree
Write a book

Your soul
Your impact on

Give me your hope
My child
My community
My nature
My creativity

Life is worth living

After all.