Flash Kabbalah

On Tzimtzum [G*d contracting]

The world is cracked
but the healing happens
in spite of ourselves
no one has the power to interrupt that flow.
Sometimes we experience it at the end
of prayers.
We can’t move.

Tzimtzum is a choosing to not be there
Not a choosing without conflict —
something has to pass for something to be reborn.

Redemption when there is such destruction
dangerous and difficult.
One has to ascend into the darkness
to make the Great Tikkun [adjustment].

The Ari opens that up for us.

We are engaged in the struggle for the heart of the world
that’s what makes it move.
Carry on, what opposes you
drives the world.

We are readying ourselves the best we can
the Great Tikkun.
G*d too is in exile
G*d is waiting to be redeemed.

Let G*d be G*d, with all the attendant struggles,
and don’t you know that G*d is in conflict?

You do know
you are feeling it now in your blood in your bones
G*d turning in
that’s G*d in tzimtzum.

Let G*d be G*d,
waiting for us to redeem the world.
I am always waiting,
G*d speaking.

jsg, usa