The Perfect Wedding

She comes looking for him
He allows himself to be found
She does He She
She She He He
When found —
An integration
Of cosmic signficance.

Every individual unification
Recapitulates a universal unification.

One and many
You and me And G*d
This is the way it works.

When we marry
We have one foot in the particular pool
One foot in the deathless
Universal pool.

When we marry I say to you
You say to me
You are holy to me with this ring.

Something in me will fill you
Something in you will fill me
And we are the only ones
Who can supply each other this way.

This is marriage
We are holy and given to one another
To insinuate ourselves into each other’s deepest —
Into our souls.

We become souls with no space between
We are burrowing into each other’s softest places
We know each other inside
Glued to each other in a way that can never be rescinded
Not separated
[not simply] —

Not by death
Not by anything.

Now we will be searching out each other
For the rest of our lives
To know what cannot be completely known

remember —

Known can become not-known.

Not-known can become

Welcome to the perfect wedding.

jsg, usa