Come Into the Word

Noah staked out the Ark
Ark — teivah
teivah is also word
also the basket teivah
into which Yocheved, Moses’ mother,
placed baby Moses for safekeeping.
Moses was saved by the teivah
Noah was saved by the teivah
but the question is —
would Moses have remained as silent as Noah?

Abraham was never silent
he argued to save us — [Genesis 6:22]
Noah silent.

Noah entered the Word
Come into the teivah [Genesis 7:1]
we always arrive at the the teivah
the Word
the journey is the story.
Noah hiding in the word.

Which word is it?
How many words?
How beautiful or how true were the words
how large enough the words Noah entered?

How does Noah merit the word anyway?
Because he was pressed, G*d loves the pressed, the persecuted,
the partial, the incomplete, the wounded,
this from Midrash. [Vayikra Rabbah, chapter 27]

G*d invited Noah into the word
Noah was pursued by his generation
G*d wanted him
so Noah entered the Word

Make a window for the Ark
a light you shall make to the Ark
the Ark with lower second and third levels you shall make it [6:16]
the soul level of the words
words of the G*dliness level
these are the words that come from your mouth
every word has a universe
a soul and a G*dliness [Baal Shem Tov on theTorah, Noach 17].

I interpret the word
Noah discovered inside the teivah —
come into the Ark, enter the Word
interpret the world.

Become a tzaddik in loshen
a tzaddik in language —

Save everyone.

jsg, usa

O holy Shabbes inspiration Noah
Maqam Sigah tri-chord (weekday prayers and Torah cantillation)
E half-flat F G

Sometimes Bayat (Noach falls on Shabbes before Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan)
D E half-flat F G

Every Shabbat has a maqam associated with it
maqam cognate to Hebrew maqom = Place.