Rebbe Nachman on the Serenity Prayer [for his Yahrzeit 18 Tishrei]

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov on the Serenity Prayer

— From the King and the Emperor

All the repairs are made from Rosh Hashanah
Until Shemina Atzeret [the Eighth day of Assembly]
the unification made on Simchat Torah
when Chava/Eve and Adam are united
face to face —

Having been created back to back.
The Holy One separated Adam and Eve
to reunite them at the end of the 22 days
Simchat Torah
the time of the wedding.

The dancing like the dancing
of the Holy One for Adam HaRishon [Primordial]
the first Adam
a wedding party of holy angels and chariots
descending for the dance.

Through these 22 days
we merit our true matches
each Adam for his Chava
each Chava for her Adam –

So it is on Rosh Hashanah
that Adam and Chava
travel to Uman —
it was there that the chair
the Rebbe saw in heaven was created
the one that held all the matches in the world
inscribed on it.

He asked
how wilI I make a living?
You will be a matchmaker
and so every year in Uman
Rosh Hashanah
they go searching for their soul-mates.

We are taught even after we find our soul-mates
and marry
we spend our lifetime
searching for her —
Even after she marries him
she spends a lifetime searching out
his uniqueness
and he for her.

We are gathering Chesed
the days between Yom Kippur and Sukkot
from the bottom up
the Chesed within Hod
the Chesed within Netzach
until we merit Chesed within Chesed
on Sukkot we call this
gathering down the Chassadim —

Then the light of Chesed is completely revealed
and it sweetens all the judgments/Dinim.

Something new drawn down during the Days of Awe.

Now, through Sukkot, we merit new ideas
and those Dinim/laws of life
that are written and sealed through Yom Kippur
are sweetened with the light of Chesed.

We have drawn down so much new in these days
making the adjustments
separating the ones we can make
from the ones we cannot make.

G*d, Chesed in Chesed,
master of the Chassadim,
grant me the Shalvah/serenity
to accept and make the adjustments
the courage to separate the ones we can make
from the ones we cannot make

and the wisdom to know the ones we can
from the ones we cannot know.


jsg, usa

Chesed: kindness
Netzach: victory
Hod: Awe