All Of It

And it shall come to pass
because [ekev] you listen to these ordinances [Ibn Ezra: if you listen]
and keep and do them
God will keep the covenant and the mercy
the mercy
sworn to your ancestors. [Deut. 7:12]

the mystery of the uncommon conjunction
something a preposition might admire
ekev also connotes heel
referring to those acts
we might not be attentive to [Midrash Tanhuma 1]
those that are thrown under our heels [so to speak]
Rashi calls them the light ones
the ones that might not attract our attention
the unglamorous deeds.

There are no unglamorous deeds.
Even the conjunctions of the mitzvah world —
their lovely low-li-ness.

Every generation is a heel generation
every person a heel person
everything previous rests on us
every act every word every gesture
contributes inscrutably
to now —
this day.

We are the heel on which everything rests –
everything counts in some ultimate way
as hidden as the heel that supports
the weight of our bodies.

Everything turns on the lowly conjunction ekev
be a conjunction for a while
be a preposition
an article.

What you did and what you didn’t do
what you remembered and what you forgot
what you honored and what you desecrated
it all rests on the heel of your generation
maybe on you yourself
and one day it may be clear that everything
every single thing
was necessary
everything contributes
the big the small the good the bad
the beautiful the lowly the lofty
the intentions
the mistakes

all of it.


O holy Shabbes Inspiration Ekev
Maqam Sigah trichord: E half-flat F G

Every Shabbat is associated with a musical figure, a maqam,
Arabic cognate to the Hebrew for “place.”


O holy

Listen up Israel

God is one
God alone
God the one and only
God integrated and unified
the seamless embrace of Existence
O holy God —

Know it and know it
Eid – can I be a witness
I climb up that large ayin
slide down the big dalet
I’ll be a witness to the seamlessness –
I turn it around in dyslexia
plow the language like a palindrome
Da’ – know!

I climb up the Hebrew running right to left
jump it back left to right
let all directions fold into the ascent of the letters
into knowing
Da’ – let me know
God is one
God alone
only God
lonely God.

O lonely God
I am recovering from the sadness too
three weeks I sat in sadness
seven weeks I am taking to recover.

God recovering too —
listen O Israel
everything is going to be better now.
Slowly slowly
we are into the ascent.

I ask God in my prayers to lose that loneliness
we are witnessing
at least along for the ride
trying to know something
when knowing is not

O holy God —
we are trying to do something
after all.

jsg, usa

Maqam Hoseini
D E-flat F G
Maqam is a musical figure, cognate to Hebrew Maqom signifying Place. Each Shabbat is associated with a maqam.

Deutero-Nomos [These Are The Words]


These are the words
I gobble them up like candy
They have grown legs now
Scampering around the manuscript
Now they have wings
Thirty two hidden paths
Twenty two letters
And ten elements

All the passages pass through
The things
The Deal

The deal

Root word davar
In three
Ha-de-var-im words
Dibber spoke
Wilderness Midbar

Sit yourself down on the desert floor
Spend quiet spend

Wilderness of the word
Absence of word
Sensitivity to word
Word itself
Thing itself the thing itself
Essence of the thing —

Which words?
All words –
With language

We are with words —
These are the words.

Is that what we are doing
just giving language to what we know?

Take the just out of the sentence —
We are giving language to what we know.

Know the world
Use your words
Unpack your tools
Power up blessing,
Seams and Seems
First –

The Holy One engraved the world
through thirty two hidden paths of wisdom [Sefer Yetzirah 1:1]
– ten principles and twenty two letters
This from the Book of Formation
What God wrote into the world.

These are the words,
Speaks the Midbar —
Enter me.

jsg, usa


O holy Shabbes Inspiration Devarim

Shabbat Chazon the necessity to read the vision of Isaiah
on the Shabbat before Tisha B’Av
God gives us the remedy before the malady
Built in — this curative wisdom is built in before it’s prescribed
the vision before the fall
the hope before the destruction,

I can’t find the blessing in it
he said to me over a cup of Joe
this always the problem in suffering
or in waiting even or in frustration
I can’t find the blessing in it.

On this the Shabbes before the 9th of Av
we recall the destruction of the Temples
even on Tisha B’Av there is a buried holiness and seed for hope.

Shabbat Chazon
Chazon: read the vision of Isaiah
The future Jerusalem — rebuilt, strong,
Built on resolution of the mistakes of the past.

From R. Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev —
The Shabbes of vision –
Third Temple
you can see it.

Feel this: always on the Shabbes just before Tisha B’Av
Black fast
Preceded by Chazon
The holy Temple rebuilt
The redemption we pray for daily.

Feel this: the proximity of what saves and what corrupts
Feel this: the vision of an ascendant future and the losses of the past
Feel this: the proximity of ascent and descent
Feel this: what purifies what defiles
Feel this: for every descent
A hidden ascent —

Something purifying out of exile
Something pure emerging out of suffering
Shabbat Chazon: a vision of ascent out of descent.

I found the blessing in it
Do you feel it?

R. Gamaliel, R. Eliezer b. Azariah, R. Yehoshua, and R. Akiva
came to the Temple Mount
they saw a fox coming out of the Holy of Holies,
they all burst into tears, except Akiva
Akiva laughed.
[Makkot 24b]

Akiva said, old men and old women shall dwell again
In the streets of Jerusalem
And the streets of the city shall be full of children
— I know the prophecy.

Akiva saw something his friends did not
He saw the future —
How dark the night, he said, how bright the day to come. [the Maharal]

The harder the fall, the higher the return
Akiva laughing.

In the future
When it is time for the Messiah to come
On what day do you suppose the Messiah will be born?

On the ninth of Av.

jsg, usa

Maqam Hijaz
According to one source, all other instances of maqam hijaz, it is mixed with maqam bayat.

Only Shabbat Devarim, Shabbat Chazon [Shabbat of Vision] does hijaz appear in its pure form.

A maqam is a musical figure. Each Shabbat is associated with a particular maqam.

Maqam Hijaz D E-flat F# G