Good To Know Sh**

It’s good to know sh**

In 1927
the week I am writing this
Crying Sam Collins recorded Jail House Blues in
Richmond, Indiana.

Richmond Indiana.
Richmond Indiana is on the border with Ohio,
Wayne County, Indiana.
It sits on the historic National Road 40,
National Road 40 followed the railroad east to west
became part of system called National Auto Trails.
It runs through St. Louis
where I live
later became known as US Highway 40.
Interstate 70 still later built in proximity to National Road 40.
It’s good to know sh**.

Richmond Indiana
also one of early sites of fledgling jazz recording industry.
Automobiles were built in Richmond, Indiana
the Richmond, built by Wayne Works,
also the Rodefeld, the Davis, the Pilot, the Westcott,
the Crosley.

The Crosley was sold on Locust Street in St. Louis
automobile row in the early years of auto business
Ford, Packard,
the Maxwell and Chalmers
acquired by Walter P. Chrysler
to become the Chrysler,
Moon, Cadillac, LaSalle,
Crosley, Stearns-Knight, Stutz, Lexington, Gardner
Jordan, the Hug truck
the Cole, the Standard
Franklin, manufactured in Syracuse New York 1902 to 1934
the only large production car in United States
with air-cooled engine
Cunningham, the most luxury car of the time,
the Locomobile, built from 1899 to 1929
in Bridgeport, Connecticut
originally steam-driven
changed to internal combustion in 1903,
Davis Six, Maibohm.
all sold on Locust street in my town.
It’s good to know sh**.

The Locomobile Building on Locust Street
housed the Premier Recording Studios
during World War II
and its successor
the Berzerker Studios
where Bing Crosby,
Miles Davis, Ike and Tina Turner
Chuck Berry recorded.

Locust Street.
Nash, Ajax, Willys,
the Lafayette, the Durant
named after the founder of General Motors
he bought Locomobile, the Flint, and the Rugby
went broke in the Depression
died destitute in New York.

The Packard.
It’s good to know sh**.

The Crosley.

Crosley, the name of old Cincinnati Reds stadium
Findlay Street and Western Avenue in Cincinnati.
Now demolished.
Built in 1912 with Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.
Name changed to Crosley Field in 1934
Powel Crosley, Jr., Crosley motor car company
Richmond, Indiana
he bought the Cincinnati Reds.
Powel Crosley, Jr. made his money with the radio.
During the Twenties, Crosley radio most popular radio
in the world.

Crying Sam Collins recorded his track in Richmond, Indiana,
where my five CDs were produced by a company
the last of that tradition.
Can you dig that?

It’s good to know sh**.


From Noah

God wanted him
so Noah entered the Word.

Make a window for the Ark
a light you shall make for the Ark
the Ark with lower second third levels you shall make it [6:16]
the soul level of the words
the words that come from your mouth
every word has a universe
a soul and a Godliness [Baal Shem Tov on Torah, Noach 17].

Thus the word
he discovered inside the teivah
come into the Ark, enter the Word
interpret the world.

Become a tzaddik in loshen
a tzaddik in language —

save everyone.

Blessing After


When you enter the land,
go to the holy man,
take baskets of first fruits,
go where God tells you.

Give your baskets to the holy man,
then – tell him what happened, in brief:
we have been lost, we are coming home.
End the story with gratitude
for having been brought to this place.

Bow down and sit together with
the holy ones
and the strangers among you.
Have lunch together.

Set up large stones,
inscribe these teachings,
every word,
on the stones.

Shhh — find your silence.
Today you have become a people of
Live in that for a long time.

Let blessings pour out of you like
a fountain.
After each blessing,
thunder: amen.

You will be blessed in the city and in the suburbs,
through your children yourselves and your ancestors,
blessed will you be in your coming and in your going,
blessed will you be at the top and at the bottom,
the whole journey will be blessed.

You will be blessed among the huts
and other holy places.

jsg, usa

I Love You with all my broken heart

I Love You With All My Broken Heart
A Blessing for the Chag

I was sitting with the truthful linguist, the Gerer, just before he became nifter, er dead, it must have been ‘04, maybe ‘05.

The Sukkah is a chuppah, he opened with, we wedded God on the way out of Egypt. I am the Holy One who marries you, he chanted quoting Leviticus 22, then he chanted the prayer Who spreads out a sukkah of peace over us. The truthful linguist stopped and cocked his head sideways, spreads out means to choose a portion, a part of the whole, he said. God is wholeness itself, and part of wholeness. I dwell with the partial, I dwell with the lowly with the humble, he was singing again, quoting Isaiah 57.

Who is a whole person? He was quoting the Book of Splendor now — me, the one with a broken heart. His voice ascended. Wherever God dwells there is wholeness. God makes whole out of half. Who spreads the sukkah of peace over us? He spread out his arms like he was saying come to poppa.

He was bringing down the idea now to its resting place, his voice settled into a whisper, a low hum heard from one corner of the room to the other.

God sets aside the partial, the inner point that is everywhere, the part that is all. A few of us among the many, the wounded, the sick among the well, the partial among the whole.

He closed with this: Everywhere, everywhere God dwells — is whole.

• From the Sefat Emet Rabbi Yehudah Leib Alter,
the rebbe of Ger (near Warsaw)
d. 1905.

Chag: holiday of Sukkot
Sukkah: temporary booth
chuppah: wedding canopy