Good Moves

To my community at the turning of 5770
Since the creation of the world
[as we reckon time]

Every day I get up and say
You‘re the master of the Universe
Thank you
Now give me the strength to do the right thing

Every day I get up and present
I take three small steps and place myself in front of You
What’s my assignment
Help me do the right thing
Plant within me the strength to be the person
You intended me to be
Let me be grateful for all the days I have been given —

I am I say
I am You say
Let us be I am for each other.

Every day I get up and I listen for the voice of clarity
There is little clarity
Not much certainty
I am listening I promise You
There is posturing
There is a move here and there
The best is a good move but it’s a move
It’s rehearsed and it’s a practiced move
I am looking for the spontaneous move of deepest sincerity
Basketball moves
That kind of move.

I have been practicing for that move
When I am required to produce
What erupts out of me will seem unrehearsed
It will surprise me most of all.

Your moves inspire me
Because you get up every morning and say
Master of the Universe
Into Your hands I entrust my spirit
At the time I lie down and the time I rise up
And with my spirit my body too
You are with me
I shall not fear
Give me the good move
I need it now
I think.

This year is the year of the good intention
May it be the year of ‘Iyyun the deep look
In our language of acronym secrets anagrams and clues
Let all the signs
The stars too
All the angels and energies totems and intentions
Conspire to be the year of the good intention
The focused action
A hope for the future.

How do we meet the challenge of the future
With more than a wish —
How do we mark the seam of the next year
With more than happy new year.

We are trying to know something deep
Holy and sustaining
The transformational imagos
That we share these Days of Awe
This 5770 since the creation of the world
As we reckon time.

This is it.