This Year

The Year of the Ayin
Tih’yeh sh’nat ‘Iyyun

Master of all the words,

We are breaking in on the year 5770
since the Creation of the world as we reckon time
in our language of acronym
secrets clues and anagrams
Tih’ye SH’nat Ayin
The year of the ayin
may it be this year — the sign of the eye

Remember the intention of last year
the sign of the tet
also nine, giving birth
— something entirely new
siman tov
a good sign
giving birth to the hidden good
this is always our prayer —
good intentions
good signs.

Let all the signs
the stars too
siman tov and mazal tov
all the angels and energies, totems and intentions
conspire to be the year —
it is supposed to be.

This year we begin with ayin
with the eye
with ‘Iyyun
the sense of deep investigation
the gaze within
and the freedom of interpretation
every letter expressed through 70 facets.

All our years begin with hope
the possibilities present for the secret good
concealed and congealed in language.

Now – the year of ayin —
the eye, beyond severity, giving birth to vision
something entirely new coming
abundance of understanding ****
better than good when good is not enough
deeper than surfaces
the vision into events
when events lose their opacity
and surfaces release
–for a moment —
to vision
mindfulness —

Amein, ameen, amen.

* Above is a poem and an intention based on many sources, but the
basic source is the fact that the year we are entering is called in
Hebrew TaSH-‘A, an acronym that corresponds to 5770.

We play a word game with language, here game is something serious but it has an aspect of play. Every year’s acronym means something. This year it is tav shin ayin, an acronym for may it be the year of the ayin. Ayin means eye, it also corresponds to the number 70, it also gives us ‘iyyun which means a sense of focus, of deep investigation.

** Last year, it was siman tov, the sign of the good, an auspicious beginning for sure.

*** All signs are significant. B.T. Horayot 12a, Keritot 6a

**** There are seventy faces to the Torah. Bamidbar Rabbah 13:15