Everywhere God Dwells Is Whole

I see the workers in the upper and lower waters
gathering the streams into their arms.
Once the divine integration was made in my presence,
delirious you said, I love the world,
did you mean all of it or some of it?

I track the ascents and descents,
the upper root and the lower root will find each other
but don’t leave me alone. If the ends have been calculated,
I have not seen them. All my broken bones are whole,
my broken heart too, every shard complete.

I love the partial, the broken, individual, incomplete,
the fragment, the wounded,
I love the separate,
you said,
because it integrates,
and even if not,
it is whole.

From the Prince Series

The Prince and the Prophetess

At the grocery store, I ran into Prince,
I went up to him and asked
do you remember me?
Sure — I remember you, said Prince.
He was with another man
and a woman dressed in heavy boots, fleece jacket
signifying she had been to the peak.

How you doin? Prince asked me.
I’ve been better. I lost my purpose.
How long?
Couple of days.
Couple of days is nothing.
I need a purpose.
There’s your problem, said Prince – need, your problem is need.

By then we were standing in the check out line.
Three kids came up and asked him for an autograph
he signed a cantaloupe and wrote this:
I love you with all my broken heart.
He introduced me to the woman with him.
Do you know who she is? he asked me.


She’s a prophetess, ask her what my purpose is.
So I asked her: Prince – what’s his purpose?
This is what she said —

is a vessel.


Big Hands

Big Hands gather us up
We are good held by them

And we are waiting
Good waiting

And righteous
Because we stayed
And because we stayed —

Something happened around us
That would not have happened
If we weren’t so

And yearning good —
We are full with hunger.

jsg, usa