For Will Soll on his Birthday

kabbalah of age

At fifty six You Are

For Will Soll on his birthday

Lamed is thirty
Mem is forty
Nun is fifty

In your thirties you were the acquiring mode: lamed, learning.
At mem, the source in the Crown flows into Wisdom
the flowing stream, the source of wisdom,
the beginning of consciousness, at forty —
there are thirteen channels of flow,
like the thirteen attributes of mercy
and the thirteen principles of understanding.

The lamed soars into the above but the mem
is folded over onto itself, it has a completion
the lamed lacks, it has a self contained quality
that begins with mem, with forty.
Before forty it is false,

now with fifty you are nun
swimming in your wisdom,
like the fish, one with your medium
coursing through your wisdom
as natural to you now as the water is to the fish
you have earned it —
by being alive.

Six is the vav*
The up and down letter in form
Linking heaven and earth —

The holy And in content
Last year the hey
Opened up ever so slightly
But the vav –
The holy And
Me and you
You and God
The world stands on And
It’s an And world.

When we cannot find the And
We are lost
There is no We without And,

Above all there is the connection in form
The upper and lower worlds.

Let’s stir up the lower and the upper worlds
let’s whip up the wisdom from below.
We are taught
the upper worlds will not respond
until the lower worlds bestir themselves.

Stir it up.

From the kitchen
wisdom will rise
from the dinner table
the true peace
integrative peace
from the hidden sources of wisdom
knowledge will plump like the moon.

This could be the year
the sign of vav, conjunction
the power of language to integrate
the perfect vav before its brokenness
words to make peace out of the pieces
to lift up the lower union
the deep story.

Vav the necessary connection
up and down, vertical.
Also horizontal, the holy and
vav ha-chibur.
In the beginning
God made the heavens
and the earth.

This could be a wonderful year,

as always
— life is a commentary on the text of God.

james stone goodman
united states of America

*The vav is the vertical blessing, upper world lower world, in form,
also the horizontal blessing, the holy And, vav ha-chibur, in content.