Poems for Peace

Until the cease-fire
I am writing
poems for

true peace
the enduring peace.

#1 — For Mazen

Whenever you speak
I will listen for Umm Kulthum

What if she were singing
In both our heads

And we had no history at all
Other than that

#2 – for Mazen

Mazen, I heard you say
You chose peace
I chose peace also
And I am built stronger in peace
Independent of events
Because you chose peace

When I am most uncertain
I think of you

#3 – for Fuad

I hesitate to call you
Though I can’t sleep
I am occupied by the news
Every night

And I am loyal to my family
I am missing you as friend or
Holding my breath
Until a cease-fire

And I can walk into your store
The drinking of tea

Where it left off.