Thanksgiving Suite #3

What Turkey-Merchants Want

The turkey-merchant wants to do something right,
thinking —
maybe this can help me.

He wants to be filled up.
The turkey-merchant wants most
to feel significant,
he wants to be remembered as having

He sees someone bagging groceries at the store
late one night —
there is one grateful man,
thinks the turkey-merchant.

He sees the grocery bagger another night. . .
soon the turkey-merchant goes back to the store
whenever he needs a reminder,
watches the man bag groceries.

One night he feels the opportunity —
I’ve been watching you, says the turkey-merchant,
what makes you so content?

I used to steal from this store
says the grocery bagger,
now I work here —
now I am giving something back.

There is nowhere
I would rather be right now —
than here,

Says the grocery bagger.
He looks at the turkey-merchant to see if he understands
thinking –

Maybe you should be working here.

jsg, usa