Basketball in the White House

Basketball in the White House

There will be basketball in the White House
Basketball is a fast game
A fluid game
Basketball is a quick American game
A finesse game
It takes a natural skill
The White House will be full of basketball players
For the first time.

All the world loves basketball
It’s an American game
Nobody plays basketball like we Americans
Play basketball.

It was in the beginning an outside game
Taken inside —
A peach basket with the bottom cut out nailed onto a pole
Elevated ten feet high over an indoor track.

It’s a game of integration
Spiritual physical
Inside outside
Skill and grace
You can learn it
But not excel at it
Without a natural gift.

Basketball is a soothing game
When played alone
And elegant when played in a team.

There’s a healing in playing basketball —
Let the healing begin.

Football turns on the physics of force
Baseball is wonderful but methodical and generally unspontaneous
Only basketball’s essence is beauty
A body in basketball is capable of illogical movement and grace
Its lure is essentially esthetic
Like ballet
There will be basketball in the White House.

Our President-elect walks like a basketball player
I am a basketball player
And I always go to the Court
For more than sport.

jsg, usa