November 4, 2008, I voted today

Prayer After Voting

I voted
O holy God, I voted,
I felt good voting.
I honored my predecessors —
My grandparents, my parents of blessed memory —
Knowing, for them,
Was an ascendant experience.
They had complete confidence in our country
To provide opportunity for us
Their children
— That they did not have.

That is a matter of memory
Because I have had all opportunity,
But their stories reminded me that they
Did not.

I voted with the intention to honor them.
This year I voted from frustration too.

I voted against negativist language
Stiff, formal, not believeable —
The handlers pushing fear in our country
When I want to vote for hope.

I voted for hope.
I voted for a deeper level of discourse
For a lower timbre of speech
Don’t yell at me pundits and politicians
And don’t think I am so easily played.
You couldn’t reach me with your strategies —
This year your strategies were transparent
And I turned off your voices
When they weren’t honest voices.

The problem is always discernment –
This year it was easy.
I know the truth when I hear it.
I voted out of discernment.

I voted for hope
I voted with the intention of honoring
Those who voted before me
During periods of higher expectations.

O holy God, I voted for higher expectations
Purification of purpose
Real talk from real people.

Politicos — don’t sweet talk me.
I’ll vote again.

james stone goodman
united states of america