Why I Wear a White Tallis At Night

Why I Wear A White Tallis At Night*

Out of the narrowness [MeiTzaR], I called to HaShem – Psalms 118:5
If your sins are red like crimson, they shall become white like wool [TzeMeR] — Isaiah 1:18

My tallis is white
Made of wool
Tzaddi Mem Resh

I wear it in the night time
Only once a year
When I am drawing down
God’s complete mercy
On my little life.

Out of the narrowness
I call on You
Mem tzaddi resh


When I am in Meitzar
I need compassion
Drawn down from within
My cloak of Tzemer,

My sins turn white
The nature of my deeds

Narrowness to Wool
Meitzar to Tzemer

That’s why I wear
A white tallis
At night.

*I heard this from the Breslovers, said Blue. Everything else seemed theoretical,
this was about forgiveness and the weight that we carry around with us.
Every year we release the burden of the past,
and we intention ourselves for the future.
It’s about forgiveness. And whatever it was?
It can be re-worked.
Only God has such big floppy hands.