Justice Justice

O holy Shabbes Inspiration Shoftim

Maqam Ajam begins with a Ajam trichord on the first note and another Ajam trichord on the 5th note (the dominant), so for example:

On B flat

B flat C D E flat F G A B flat

Every Shabbat is associated with a musical figure called a *maqam, Arabic cognate to Hebrew maqom, Place.

This is the portion of justice
tzedek tzedek tirdof
righteousness righteousness
mentioned twice
you shall pursue it [Deut. 16:20]
what follows:
the bride of God
you shall not plant an asherah [Deut.16:21]
some sort of Canaanite goddess
a cult tree
planted near the altar of God.

It took so long to separate
God and his bride
That their return to each other seems unlikely –

Not for us.
The bride of God will be reunited with her consort
Every Sabbath
we are talking about justice here too
the myth of return.

the holy Shabbes
the King and his consort
the goddess and her beloved
the Queen and her lover

will be re-united and it feels good
good the symmetry of return
rectifying something broken
separated so long ago –

they are love-making.