How We Learn pt. 2

What We Do When We Study

We begin with a prayer
Make it pleasant on our lips
For the pure delight of it
Then we reviewed the history of chess
Beginning with the Indian Chaturanga
And the notion of four lines of warriors
And what we can learn from the Hebrew word for the game
Which has to do with the death
Or the fall
Of the Shah.

We then made tea and drank the first truly
Awful cup of tea made in this series
An Indian chai spiced with cinammon and cloves
[cinammon comes into English from Hebrew kinamon but probably borrowed from an even earlier mystery source that may be in southeast Asia]
Tea from a mix
Never a good idea.
Chai itself only indicates that Indian tea
And Russian tea
Have the same origin in China
Chai tea is pleonastic
Like pizza pie
Unless it is Chai [chet yud] tea
A tea that gives you life
As in l’chaim.
We said a prayer over the tea
Everything created according to your word.

We discussed the mystery mitzvah of Sotah
The vow of the nazir
The notion of vows
The sense of bli neder
Without a vow
Which means so for sure
That a vow is unnecessary
It’s more than binding —
I will do it.

We concluded with the deepening
Of our three fold blessing
And this piece
Written by our teacher
Based on his teacher
The Sefas Emes
Who brings down the priestly blessing
Much like the Vedic
Multi-crystalled net
[a fragment]:

O holy God of Shabbes inspiration Naso

Maqam Saba

D E half-flat F G flat

O holy God of the three fold blessing [Numbers 6:23]
the birkat Kohanim
the blessing of the priests our beloved Kohanic ancestors

May God bless you and keep you
May God’s face light you up
May God’s face be lifted to you and give you shalom.

With blessing the power of the upper root descends
the universal descends on the lower root
the individual
the inner point of truth
this is also shleimut shalom
the universal as experienced within
wherever God dwells
there is blessing
wherever there is blessing
there is shalom
an integrating notion.

this for sure –

where there is shleimut there is integration
there is convergence
there is shalom
where there is shalom
there will be peace.

jsg, usa