The Additional Soul

Where the Neshamah Yeterah [additional soul] Goes During the Week
Friday Afternoon

I am not in the corner

Not in Cleveland

I do not frequent the narrow places

I am not in Detroit [though I have been there]

I am not in northern California [many think I am]

Not in Montana [been there]

Not in Mexico [too poor]

I am not in eastern Europe [this is a clue]

I am in Italy

I go to Italy during the week

Outside my window is a field of sunflowers

The Italians planted them to replace tobacco

I eat light pasta twice a day, simple tomato sauce [no pesto ever]

In the mornings the best cup of coffee I have ever tasted

[the beans aren’t even Arabica]

I do not forget my native language

There is an English library that follows me around

I am learning Italian as well

When I return on Shabbes

I will teach every one how to cook Italian

Simple, fresh

And love like Italianos [the thrill — never gone]

I am writing this from a coffee house in the piazza

Coming home tonight.