Peace Above All

Turning 60,
a kabbalistic blessing through the hands

In Hebrew, every letter has a numerical value.
Samekh is sixty.

At sixty we are samekh, its roundness
feeling for the endless cycle
the circle, not linear, round
the wheel within the wheel (Ezekiel).

The end in the beginning
the beginning implied by the end
equal all around
I have set God before me always (Psalm 16:8)
God equally all around me
[I am in the circle
I am also the circle].

Samekh — to support
as in if you fall
I will support you,
supporting the fallen
this is God and all of us
the circle of spiritual aspiration

In grammar, the construct form
smikhut – the connection of two nouns
what we belong to.
As a noun we belong to other nouns
in English the simple apostrophe s
in Hebrew proximity – construct called smikhut.
We belong to each other.

Samekh — Sixty
Sixty letters of the priestly blessing
sixty bones in the two hands of the Kohen who blesses
Samekh is holy blessing through the hands.
At samekh we are a blessing
through us will the world be blessed.

And lastly smikhah
laying on of hands
giving over the power from one vessel to another
to become a teacher
to be a student
the chain of holy teaching has been broken
since the close of the Sanhedrin
over 1500 years ago

until now.
The Sanhedrin, the great Jewish Court
71 rabbis with smikhah who met
in the hall of hewn stones
adjacent to the Temple in Jerusalem.

Now — make a samech with our hands
and receive through it the interrupted connection
from the Sanhedrin to us –
let our hands be a conduit
a repair of the broken chain
let the return of this smikhah pass through
our welcoming hands.

Bless us at sixty
here is our smikhah
through these hands
reconnecting the chain
from the Great Sanhedrin to us
to all of us

We may receive this smikhah now
student becoming teacher
teacher becoming student
from the broken passage of the Sanhedrin
we have permission
to receive
everything we need
peace above all

by being alive.