What We Do On Shabbes

What We Do On Shabbes

We say a prayer

over tea

a tea with an essence of chocolate

everything created to your word

and a prayer over study

make it pleasant


on our lips

then we read a little Bialik

who read a little Nietzsche

we then ask Nietzsche to turn his attention

away from the Greeks for a moment and apply

himself to the Hebrews.

We then thank the Hebrews in the room

for their continued existence.

We then read the New Talmud

about the Pesach itself

the offering

and we offer up our sense of separation

and alienation from everything

we love

the most.

We then try to be silent and allow

the essential beauty of the chocolate

and the proximity

to settle within us.

We then adjourn

go over to Trader


and see what’s new.

jsg, usa

Did I mention we discussed

Aaron on the eighth day

from O holy Shabbes inspiration Shemini (eight) —

Aaron the tender of souls
on fire he was
he loved all creatures
and drew them near to Torah

so it was
Moses knew it would be through Aaron
that the Shekhinah would come to rest
in our Sanctuary

my brother is more excellent than I
said the heilege Moses
through his sacrifices
and his service
the Shekhinah will rest among you.