Tzav, second portion

O holy Shabbes Inspiration Tzav
Maqam Nawa
C D E flat F sharp G

The Mishkan
sanctuary in the Wilderness
the fire shall not go out
from evening to morning
all night long the fire burning [Lev.6:2]

all night long
the fire burning.

The first act in the morning:
from yesterday’s ashes
terumat ha-deshen
lilfting up the ashes
putting out the ashes next to the altar.

Lift up the remains of yesterday
put them next to the holy altar
the fire shall not go out
we long for a pure act of worship. [Sefat Emet on Tzav]

The fire burning
throughout all
the camp moving
the fire shall not go out
the altar traveling [Jerusalem Talmud, Yoma 4:6]
the fire burning.

The altar traveling
the trans-national journey
the fire burning

more emphatic than speak
or say
repeat it constantly
be ruthlessly precise
the ashes from the ‘Olah
the offering
the burnt offering
nothing of the ‘Olah remains
only ashes
nothing of it can be eaten or sold or turned into
anything else
we long for a pure act of worship
lifted up
except for the hides
we might make a nice jacket out of the hides
ruthlessly precise
in the mystery ways
we are instructed.

The future – [Kiddushin 29a]
be reminded
be emphatic.