Exodus, part 10

O holy Shabbes Inspiration Vayakhel
Maqam Hoseini
D E-flat F G

On the heels of the golden calf
the order is given to construct the sanctuary
Moses then gathered together
the entire community
vayakhel Moshe
the title of the portion. [Ex. 35:1]

Same root [Ex. 32:1]
we feared Moses was not coming down
from the mountain
we gathered against vaYiKaHel Aaron
and said to him
make us a god who shall go before us
for that man Moses
who brought us from the land of Egypt?
— we don’t know what happened to him.

And they made a golden calf
out of the rings they wore
in their ears.

The sanctuary comes as a sign of healing
we have been forgiven
our slip
with the golden calf.

Healing came to us through Betzalel
the artist
Betzalel healed the wound. [Ex.R.48:5]

And everyone who excelled in ability
and everyone whose spirit moved
came, bringing to God an offering
for the work of the Tent of Meeting
and for all its service. [Ex.35:21]

Terumah –
what is lifted up
if we are lifted up
anything is possible
craft and resources
there will be plenty of money
maybe too much.
There can be too much money.

at the beginning of the enterprise
we brought too much money.
The stuff we had was sufficient [Ex.36:7]
and Moses asked us not to bring any more.

There is always the temptation
even when doing the holy work
to bring too much stuff.

Enough, Moses said,
enough with stuff
— bring heart.

jsg, usa