Portion #7 in Exodus

O holy Shabbes Inspiration Terumah
Maqam Hoseini
D E-flat F G

offerings lifted up
the first objectification of the spirit
build the place out of Me
Make [of] Me a Mikdash/holy place

and I will dwell [Shakhanti/Shekhinah]
among them
within them. [Ex. 25:8]

It’s an inside job.
Why don’t we get that?
I am kind of sick of the institutionalization of the spirit
by now
aren’t you?

It’s an inside job.

The preoccupation with spirit
the game of soul
God tells us at the beginning of the enterprise
it’s an internal matter.

Build your palaces
raise all the money you can
decorate well
but I will set my spirit
in the inner chambers of your heart.
I want your heart, God says,
that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

The holy place
the union of two worlds
built out of terumah
from the Aramaic root for two
all the terrible twos of existence
integrated in the holy place.
It is both kedushah
and shekhinah
outer and inner
upper and lower
masculine and feminine
the Holy and Blessed One
and Shekhinah
God and human beings
the beit k’nesset
house of meeting.

The Holy One is always delighted
when we storm the upper worlds
and take the Shekhinah to dwell among us. [Zohar 135a]
The Holy One sits smiling on a glorious throne
when the Shekhinah enters the mystery of Oneness. [Raza DeShabbat]
new souls
new souls all around.

Terumah –
gold and silver and copper
sky blue wool, purple, and scarlet wool
flax and goats’ hair
rams’ skins dyed red
tahash skins and shittim wood
oil for the lighting
spices for the anointing oil and for the spicy incense
shoham stones and stones to be set for the ephod and the breastplate

while you’re at it –

grow a new heart.

jsg, usa