Telling, Writing, Reading

I felt as if I was following the sequence from the Torah: first the telling, then the writing, then the reading. I brought this down from parashat Mishpatim, when Moses first begins the telling, the verb root s – p – r (Exodus 24:3) which means β€œto tell.” Then there is the writing (24:4), followed by the reading of the book of the covenant (24:7). The Torah sequence was not at all curious to me, it is exactly the sequence of events I myself had been following: the telling, the writing, the reading. My reading audience was always my children. I read them all my stories. — jsg

That’s the technique: Prepare a story, a poem, a prayer for telling, one that has not been written.

Tell it to the group.

Then write it.

Then read it to the group.

Let us evaluate this method of developing story:

Telling, writing, reading.

Go thou and write now.