Third Portion Exodus

O holy Shabbes Inspiration Bo
Maqam Sigah E half-flat F G

The portion begins with the eighth plague
locusts — arbeh
brought in by an east wind [Ex.10:13]
carried away by a west wind [10:19].

The wind blows both east and west
for the children of Israel.

East wind –
intuitive, lateral, mystical.

West wind –
conscious, linear, rational.

Chokhmah and binah
chokhmah – unself-conscious heart of wisdom
the seamless embrace before language –
the heart’s deep wisdom.

Binah –
self-conscious inquiry

the right and left sides
thirty two paths of wisdom
the hidden God
engraved during the Emanation.

Both winds blow through our camp
east – west people
perched on western branches
eastern roots.

Our goal
union – shleimut – shalom
every blessing a union
all the terrible twos of existence
folded into One.

Set against this is Par’oh
the dis-integrator
peh resh ayin – to separate, rend, split
Par’oh the great separator,

and that’s why we had to leave Pharaoh –
to become one

with ourselves.

jsg, usa