Second session Exodus

O holy Shabbes Inspiration Va-era
Maqam Bayat/Nawa

Bayat: D E half-flat F G
Nawa: C D Eflat Fsharp

Moses demands Pharaoh release us
Pharaoh responds by pushing harder [Ex.5:1-21]
God appears to Moses again
sends him to confront Pharaoh [6:10-11]
Moses responds by repeating
I am not a gifted speaker
I have stones in my mouth
my lips are covered
you know
[4:10, 6:12]

How is Moses to lead?

See Rashi the poet [on 6:13]
lead with gentleness
be patient
and to Pharaoh
speak with respect.

Balance —
the qualities of strength confidence and courage
what we call gevurah
on the left side
add patience
what we call chesed
on the right side.

To the quality of stick-to-it-tiveness
what we call netzach
on the right side
add gentleness and compassion
what we call hod
on the left side.

Draw a line down the middle of your body with your thumb
move your hand up and down that line
your heart line
there is your balance
between the left side and the right side
your strength.

Lead with patience and understanding
speak with respect
even to your detractors.

I heard your groan
returned to your story

first your pain
then your freedom

I will free you
I will deliver you
I will redeem you
I will take you to Me

I will bring you into the Land
which I swore to Abraham,

but don’t be a schmoozer,
God said to Moses,
you know how I hate to be schmoozed.

jsg, usa