Seventh Night

Eight Angels Came to Me On Eight Nights
Each one told a story*******

On the seventh night the angel came to me as Rebbe Nachman.
He told me that not too long ago, he had lost his mind
thought he was a rooster.
Where was this? I interrupted.
He then told me the following story:

I took off all my clothes,
lived under a table,
wouldn’t eat anything but grain and chicken food.
Then a Prince came,
took off all his clothes,
got under the table and began to act like a rooster too.
He said, I’m Prince, the rooster, I promise I will never leave you.

We swore friendship to each other,
and slowly slowly, Prince began the healing.
He put on a shirt, I put on a shirt.
Prince said just because you dress like a human being
doesn’t mean you have to cease being a rooster.
The next day we ate at the lunch counter in the bowling alley.
Prince ordered a tuna sandwich.
You gonna eat like a person too? I asked Prince.
You can eat like a human being and still be a rooster, Prince said.
You can do anything and still be the rooster you are.

That’s how it worked for me,
the angel said,
Prince saved me slowly slowly.
He taught me I can do anything
and remain
the rooster
I am.