Sixth Night

Eight Angels Came to Me On Eight Nights
Each one told a story******

On the sixth night
a tarnished angel appeared
I used to see him selling pencils outside the ball park.

We fired up the lights stood staring into the fire.
What’s the miracle?
he asked us.

Light victory power revenge clarity purity
dedication —
we hadn’t answered him.

Afterwards, he asked for a ride to the Metro Link
and maybe a couple of bucks to get downtown.

I threw a load of money at him
he threw it back.
Don’t mess with my serenity, he said.

What’s the miracle? I asked him back.
Grateful, said the angel
the miracle is gratitude
find that and you won’t need anything.

You’ll breathe into the souls of your feet
and live as long as you want to.

jsg, usa