Third Night

Eight Angels Came to Me On Eight Nights
Each one told a story***

On the third night
an angel came to me in the form of a Chasid with onions on his breath
he opened sing-song with
Darkness IS Light —

God separated the light from darkness
called light day
and the darkness night
And it was evening and it was morning
day one.

In the beginning, darkness and light one
a single seamless sourced good
then the challenge
subdue the dark
illumine the good
— the fearful dialectic.

Temple menorah lit by day to illumine the night
Hanukkah menorah
lit by night to reclaim dark
light from darkness itself
the source of light.

Light from the luminous essence of darkness –
this the Hanukkah light.

The Temple lights seven
Hanukkah eight
seven the spiritual cycle
the seven sefirot emanated from God
all natural cycles given in seven.

Eight —
surrounding the seven
the extra measure laid around nature
the eighth lamp
light from darkness itself
darkness as an aspect of light.

Now stare into a candle
see the flame
see the darkness around the wick
see the dark candle

it’s all light
all over.