He Settled Down

O holy Shabbes Inspiration Vayeshev
Maqam Nahawand

Father thought he was going to settle down [Gen.37:1]
in Canaan
I love this part –

so he sent me after my brothers [37:14]
to inquire of their shalom.

I couldn’t find them
they were feeding father’s flock in Dotan.

I go when called [37:13]
Hineni I say
entirely here
but I wouldn’t make so much out of that
I don’t have the energy to be anywhere else
so I am here
my present is demanding enough
to require my full attention
know what I mean?

Get comfortable and I’ll tell you the story
I love this part —
the Torah says
I was in the emek of Hevron [the valley] [37:14]
Rashi the poet reminds us
surely we know that Hevron is high
not a valley
he means I am spinning into the amukah now
the depth of the story
the deep tale
I will find my brothers
they will sell me out
I will be taken to Egypt
I will thrive there
be enslaved there
we will find freedom from there.

That’s the deep story
we become a people with an edge in Egypt.

I dreamed a dream
stop me if I told you this
in it we were walking through a field
all of us
then we were alone in a small valley
a true emek
it was beautiful just like in the story
all the flowers brightly colored like acrylics
just as Rashi the poet might have predicted.

It was all as it is supposed to be
the deep significance of events clarified in the dream
just as Rashi the poet mentioned
the colors were more vivid
the events released their deep significance
just as Rashi described them
only in color
the kind of colors a kid would draw

or a cartoonist

or God

the story opened to me like a flower
a field of stories

I’ll tell it to you again if you like
the whole story
get comfortable,