O holy Shabbes Inspiration Nitzavim

On Parashat Nitzavim,
the sedra of 9/11/2001

We are standing today
all of us
the big shots
wives and sweethearts
–and the stranger
that is within,
all of us
before Hashem The Name,
–from the hewers of wood
to the carriers of water,
all of us,

To cut a deal with You
So — You will remember the deal
You cut with our ancestors,
good people
eager covenant cutters.

But not for us alone
do You keep this agreement
not for us who are here
but for those of us
who are not here

This deal that I set before you this day
(You know which one I mean)
it is not too far from you
that you should say
who shall go for us,
nor is it too hard for you
that you should say
who will do this for us.

It is not in heaven
and it is not hidden
and it is not distant
but right here
under your nose,
it is in your mouth
and in your heart
it is sitting next to you on the bench
waiting with you for the bus
it is standing on the corner
in front of Starbuck’s
waiting for the light to change.

that you should do it.

look see:
I have placed before you
the life and the good
death and evil.

Love Hashem
walk like God
do the right things
the simple things and the complex things
figure out what you can for yourself
be wise together,
then you will multiply
and God will grow you
and bless you.

But if you don’t listen
and fly away,
I tell you
I surely tell you
you will be lost
and your days will not be lengthened
on the land.

So I call heaven and earth together
to witness for you and against you
I have placed life and death before you
blessing and curse.

Choose life
choose blessing
love God
glue yourself to God
for God is your life
and the length of your days.

Who are you?
I am.
Who am I?
I am.
Let us both be I am
for each other.

God promised your ancestors.
God promised them.
I swear.

jsg, usa