The Sounds of the Shofar

from “It’s a Sad and Beautiful World”

Tekiah — sustained note of the shofar
Original unity, before all exiles

Tekiah — the universal, metaphysical and musical
Against the tekiah sounds the teruah
The relative

Tekiah — the universal in the ensemble
The drone the tonic
Against which the relative shudders with melody

Shofar begins and ends in Tekiah
Original unity
Where we come from, where we return

Teruah –the sound is separated
Exiled into teruah
Crying, longing to return

Three yevavot three wavering crying blasts*
Trembling quivering yearning to return
When we lose our way, the roads go into mourning

Teruah — crying weeping longing yearning for return
Tekiah the universal
Teruah the relative

It is a sad and beautiful world
Sad so far away
Beautiful so hungry are we to return

End always with Tekiah G’dolah
The Great Tekiah
The sustained universal tekiah

We yearn for it
Hunger for it
Believe it

*(Mishnah RH 4:9)