The Sign of the Chet

An Intention for the year 5768, the year of the sign of the chet.

The Year of the Sign of the Chet
Tih’yeh Sh’nat Siman Chet

Master of all the words,

We are breaking in on the year 5768
since the Creation of the world as we reckon time
in our language of acronym
secrets clues and anagrams
Tih’ye Sh’nat Siman Chet
may it be the year of the sign of the chet.

Last year was the year of the zayin
the vertical connection
the holy and with a crown.

The year before that
the sign of the vav
the straight up and down connection
the holy and
horizontal and vertical.
All our years end with ellipses . . .
something left out in the description
All our years begin with hope for the secret peace
concealed in language.
Now – the year of chet.

Chet for chayim
life force
the essential God-force
that enlivens every moment.

By the Ari
the chet is a combination
of the two previous letters
the vav or yashar
the straight up and down connection
and the zayinor chozer
the light returning
connected by a thin line hovering between and over
like the eagle hovering over its young [Deut. 32:11]
touching and not touching
the spirit of God hovering over the face of the deep, [Gen. 1:2]

this delicate peace we are praying this year
the delicate line spanning the vav and zayin
the hovering presence
the momentum of the or yashar
the straight up and down connection
and the ambiguity of the or chozer
the running and returning — [Ezekiel 1:14, read chayut]

the way it is.

jsg, usa

* Above is something interesting, a poem based on many sources, but the
basic source is the fact that the year be are entering is called in
Hebrew TaSh-SaCh, an acronym that corresponds to 5768.

We play a word game with language, here game is something serious but it has an aspect of play. Every year’s acronym means something. **

Two years ago, I turned it into: may it be the year of the sign of the vav (the last letter of the acronym), and I analyzed the vav in both its form (it is straight up and down) and its meaning (it means “and,” the vav ha-chibur, the vav of connection). That year may not have turned out according to our loftiest aspirations.

Two years ago, I imagined the vav as the vertical blessing, up and down in form, also the horizontal blessing, the holy And, vav ha-chibur in content.

Last year, I took the zayin also in its form — the year of the zayin, a vav with a crown on top.

This year, it is the year of siman chet, the sign of the chet. Let’s figure it out.

***All signs are significant. B.T. Horayot 12a, Keritot 6a