Prayer #24
An Invocation of Powers and Place

Master of all the worlds,
I lift up the cup of salvation
it is the five petaled rose on which I stand,
all of my influences inspirations teachers
accompany me at every one of my prayers and gigs.

Master of all the words,
infuse me with the sweet savour of the beautiful and the true
the dark and the light, the humble and the irreverent
the good and the next-to-good.

I am broken but everywhere God dwells is whole.

All of my predecessors are with me always.
Save me with words and music,
black fire on white fire,
and my sad-happy old-new songs.

The petals are strong, the rose is set,
five gates to salvation,
strength, and beauty,
compassion and healing.

I lift up the cup of blessing,
and call upon the name of God.

And there are 5 strong petals
On which the rose is set
And they are called salvations
And they are known as 5 gates.
And this rose is called the cup of blessing
Of which it is said, “I will take up the cup of salvation
And call upon the name of God” (Ps. 116:13).
— Opening lines of the Zohar

In every place where God dwells there is wholeness
— Sefat Emet on Sukkot

Who is whole. . .the person with a broken heart
— Zohar, quoted by Sefat Emet on Sukkot

Make [of] Me a holy place
And I will dwell within them – Exodus 25:8