The Inevitable Return of Nests

Someone asked me to post the eulogy I spoke for Le’ad.
I don’t feel right doing that just now
but need to put some other work
here inspired by him.


God of Nests

To Le’ad 1988-2007

O God of the inevitable return of nests
Resting places on the ground
Drawings on rocks
Twigs stacked in a field

The forest fronting a nest
Arms holding the upper worlds
A circle of limbs

Holy God of stacked rocks
O God Smacked up against place
Stones marking release
Sticks returning

jsg, usa
April 27, 2007

and this

What to do with our hands
When our souls are in motion
The candle of multiple wicks
Bound up together

The souls over the divide
When we die
God like a river flowing

How to track the heroic stories
Water through a rock

What to do when
The nests return to the trees
Where to meet the fragile God of nests

April 27, 2007