Commit: Shabbes Inspiration Korach 2

Here is my first share of a weekly piece
[thanks to dear Denisee for a
good edit]

O holy Shabbes Inspiration Korach [2]

Korach’s challenge
you have taken too much upon yourselves
the entire congregation is holy [Numbers 16:3]
We will see, said Moshe rabbeinu [16:5]
the earth opened her mouth and swallowed them all
Korach and all of them [16:31]
his challenge was personal
not principled. [Avot 5:17 ]

Once I was traveling in the Sinai
I put my ear to the earth and I heard
Moses and his Torah are true
we are liars. [Baba Batra 74a]

The mouth of the earth that opened
is one of ten miracles created bein hashemashot
between the suns at twilight
the end of Creation
outside of time so to speak
built into creation
at the end of the first day
before the Shabbes
between time
created then for the world to catch up to
as it were
like the mouth of the prophetic donkey
like Miriam’s well
the rainbow the manna the staff of Aaron
the shamir the writing and the pen and the tablets
some say the evil spirits
and the grave of Moses and the ram of Abraham
some also say the tongs
made from the tongs [Avot 5:9]

like transplantation
like science
like stem cells
like the saving of lives
in ways we cannot quite imagine
because the world is spinning fast fast
and what we know will in some dimly discerned future
outspin the world
then we will know
what we could not know
at the right time
the right time —

It is the hidden moon of Tammuz tonight
that hides the future this way
all the hidden possibilities that could save one of us
or all of us
some day.

O Hidden moon of Tammuz
O Master of Mirrors
let me see with the unclear mirror the dark images
let me see the moon there in the darkness
the images that are only discerned at night
by moonlight

God of the light and the dark
release me from distractions
bind me with invisible fibers to the deep story
the dark story the hidden story
the right words not the simple words
not the easy ones not even the sweet words
I want the true ones

Don’t sweet talk me
draw me into the deep
carry me not in your pocket
but sling me like a satchel
over your shoulder
let the truth plump like the moon
the dark moon the dark candle
the candle at the hearth with all its shadows

It’s the moon it’s the moon the dark candle
the reflected dark dark dark

Shabbes Korach