Not A Stranger To The World

Not a stranger to the world
Ascending —

Raised with myself
The world and the Lie —

Same energy that caused;

Return to Happy-ness
Liberation: Natural and good.

jsg, usa, after Rav Kook

Resh Lakish the Bandit

Resh Lakish, the Bandit

Every detail
Stands by itself
It has value

When a person Acts out of love
Everything organizes
Into one cohesive Experience

In the whole
There is no evil
When It has joined with its good

Grow wings
Spice Up

In this way
The intentional wrongs
Become Virtues

jsg, usa after Rav Kook

Resh Lakish said that the turn
is so great that the intentional errors

— Yoma 86b



The Chiliasts are praying
for the utter destruction of the interlopers
upon whom all curses rail
as they have been all along
only now they pray then they arm.

We are counting the days until
the destruction.

The secret ascent hidden in the descent
cockeyed optimism of the Kabbalist
who believes the redeemer will be born
on the saddest day of the year.

We have miracle stories to tell:
miracles are happening at every moment, he says.

The Africans here say:
God has brought us home
God will protect us.

Uncle walked across Ethiopia
then the Sudan to arrive here —
he shows a hole in the wall of his office
where a Katyusha hit minutes after he left it.
God must love me, he says —

And in one of the nicest northern towns
this side of the mountain, lower montane —
see that guy bowed in the sun in Chassidic black?
He used to be the stage designer for Frank Zappa.

jsg, usa

the Healing

Bonia and the Healing

After his illness
I ran into Bonia at the grocery store.

He was still recovering
But walking on his own now

I made a deal, he said to me,
If I lived, I’d give my life over to God

We walked outside, both of us squinting into the sunlight
And if you would have died?

I’d have given my life over to God
He said.

On My Re-tire-ment

On My Retirement

What will you do now?
Tie your long gray hair in a tail
braid your beard with beads
pierce your ear, pierce it twice
never bless another piece of bread
as long as you live —

Go bungee jumping in Colorado
hunt the wicked weebee bird
defend the precious rain forests of the Amazon
trade secrets with desperadoes
teach Vienna to dance.

will you float the sea
take lunch in the sun
write commentaries on the text—

Remembering Bar Yochai
who emerged from the cave
believing if he only could spend
two Sabbaths properly
the world would be redeemed.

Rabbi —


jsg, usa

Disparate parts

First gather together all
Your disparate
Return to yourself

The great truth
Return to yourself and
All the worlds will Return
To their Creator

This the secret of the
The world will return
To the Source of its Being

And the light of G*d

jsg, after Rav Kook

Dew of Life

The dew of life
From the Garden of Eden
Pure and

Removed from

From every worthless

From every weakening
Of the soul

— Rav Kook

What Color the Soul 2

What Color the Soul 2

I had seen a luminous blue
You mentioned
silver and rust —
I had assumed it was the same color
One color
I had seen when I descended into the
of my Boy.

It was twenty years ago
And I see it now.

One color
One soul I thought —

But silver and
The color of yearning
Kesef silver
Kisoofim yearning

And ‘ergah
More yearning

So many words for
Yearning –

Unashamed and
Whole with
Yearning –

My own yearning
For one


One soul.

jsg, usa

Between the Narrows

Between the narrows
The 17th of Tammuz
And the 9th of Av

Opening onto –

Pinch Squeeze
And from the squeeze –

You open With

Contract and expand
Constrict and Open

Breath pursed
Narrows Release

From constraint To expanse
Exile to Redemption

There is a hilltop in Jerusalem where heaven and earth touch. After the destruction the bride began to weep, the ground wept too. The bride returned as a bird perched at the wall.

For three summer weeks, I sat low in sadness. I planned to bleed, to wash myself clean.

This I have been taught: After a river of tears, expect the messiah.

On that day,” says Isaiah, “the great shofar will be sounded. And they will come, those lost in the land of Assyria and those forsaken in the land of Egypt, and bow before G*d on the Holy mountain, Jerusalem.” — Isaiah 27:13

jsg, from a mtn top in the Gallilee

Use the Strength

Use the Strength of the Yetzer
For Rising
It is grown from

Be gradual

Our goal –
The Highest

When will my deeds
The deeds of my
Fathers and Mothers?

Awakening strength
Little by little

The light in life
Will shine

jsg, usa Rav Kook Groove
*Yetzer, the dark inclination