Small alef; Ekev 2

All Of It

And it shall come to pass
because [ekev] you listen to these ordinances [Ibn Ezra: if you listen]
and keep and do them
G*d will keep the covenant and the mercy
sworn to your ancestors. [Deut. 7:12]

the mystery of the uncommon conjunction
something a preposition might admire –

Ekev also connotes heel
it refers to those acts
we might not be attentive to [Midrash Tanhuma 1]
those that are thrown under our heels [so to speak]
Rashi calls them the light ones
the ones that might not attract our attention
the unglamorous deeds.

There are no unglamorous deeds.
Even the conjunctions of the mitzvah world —
their lovely


Small alef; poetry Ekev 2

Maqam Sigah trichord: E half-flat [3/4] F [1] G

Every Shabbat is associated with a musical figure, a maqam,
Arabic cognate to the Hebrew for “place.”